Cedinitiative is a youth development Organisation that seeks to build a new generation of leaders through transformational mentorship for young people.

It is our Vision that in 5 years, at least 80% of all our protégées will be well equipped for a purposeful living in contributing towards Nation building.

With this in view, we engage in Strategically exposing our proteges to Opportunities that enables personal development and Capacity building with an aim of helping them discover and Optimize their potential. Some of the set goals that we hope will help us arrive at our vision has been outlined as:

Project O:

This project aims at training School leavers in relevant skill areas that will engender wealth creation. It is a 1year Apprenticeship Training.


This runs for just one month. It is an intensive Skill acquisition training for students in secondary school. The objective is to expose them to small-scale Businesses that they can run even while in school.


From February 2022, Cedinitiative will be hosting a weekly radio program every Saturday that will border on personal transformation, and then on the last Saturday of every month, there will be a Physical Convergence for sharing opportunities and also for competitions.

These competitions will help inspire the students to do more and never get tired of acquiring knowledge.

Bridging the Gap:

This is a school sensitization campaign that seeks to Inspire students on issues around Career development and moral excellence. (You can add more details on the modus operandi)

CediChess Club:

This is our attempt to encourage recreational activities that also develop the mind. We will be holding an inter-school tournament in 2022 and the best Students will be awarded.

CED Initiative

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About CED Initiative

A Mentorship Platform For Teenagers

CED Initiative is a Mentorship Platform for Teenagers that aims at building a new generation of leaders through Capacity Building and Personal Development endeavours.


To Provide young people with Platforms and Opportunities that Promotes Personal Development and Capacity Building with an Aim of helping them discover and Optimize their potentials.


To see that in 5 years, 80% of all our Protégées are well equipped for a purposeful living and in contributing towards Nation building.



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